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Welcome to ONE!

Noelle knows firsthand that putting You First can be challenging. ONE is here to help you in your fitness and wellness journey, so you receive the support & guidance you need to live a healthier life.

Are you new to fitness?

Or returning to the gym after a long absence?

Make sure your first step into fitness is not your last, by taking advantage of our SMART START program at ONE. We encourage members to take advantage of this 30 minute option, available for every class on our schedule. As you get more comfortable with the classes and gain strength, you may wish to stay longer, but it is never required.

Do you feel pressured to return home or get to work?

Maybe carving out time for exercise feels stressful?

Our classes are scheduled 30 – 60 minutes. But every class has a 30-minute SMART START option. 1nstructors will let the class know when SMART START is finished and you are welcome to cool down and stretch before heading back to your day.

Try out ONE’s Virtual options so you can train at home, on your own schedule. ONE Fitness and Wellness offers Video On Demand for maximal flexibility.

Are you experienced with group fitness and looking for high quality instruction?

We have certified 1nstructors in varied programs, including Les Mills, Pound, Boxing and Spin. Check out our seated options for those who cannot stand up for an entire class. ONE 1nstructors are here to provide high quality training, with fun music and results you will love!

Do you seek qualified instruction for more than exercise?

ONE also has expertise in lifestyle medicine, culinary medicine, nutrition coaching and personal training. At ONE, we focus on the following pillars of health:  Nutrition, Activity, Sleep, Restorative Rest & Meditation, Connection and Avoiding Risky Substances.

Voted Best in the Region… 4 years…



ONE L1FT is designed to develop strength through a progression of movements that are fun & effective.

1nstructors will guide you through each move, using a combination of body weight and ONE’s SMARTBAR™ equipment (hand weights and a bar with adjustable weights). And since you make your own weight selection, you control the load & intensity. You will receive expert guidance through the moves, making this a perfect way to add strength training to your routine, whether you are new or experienced with exercise.


ONE M1ND will future-proof your body, by providing the movement you need for recovery. You will enhance your flexibility, mobility and stability, while creating connections between the mind and movement. You will leave this class feeling grounded and confident.


ONE SH1FT will take your fitness to a new level, by developing mobility, balance and agility, while improving your cardiovascular health. This functional exercise program holds the key to training for Life!


ONE R1ZE is a functional training class, with the option to use a step as an exercise bench, obstacle and/or jump box, allowing you to control the height. You will utilize multi-dimensional functional movements for a full body work-out. This class is dynamic, allowing for low and no impact moves.


ONE STR1KE is coming soon! This class is a unique blend of MMA-inspired moves and high-intensity interval training. This class will challenge your mind and body. Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or just looking to try something new, STR1KE is the perfect way to break out of your comfort zone and punch, kick and sweat your way to a stronger, fitter you.


POUND® is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dropping fun of playing the drums! Using Ripstix® – lightly weighted drumsticks – POUND® transforms drumming into a full-body workout combining cardio, conditioning and strength training. This class is designed for everyone, with no experience nor musical talent necessary!

POUND Unplugged

POUND Unplugged promotes the health and fitness of the whole person – mental, physical and emotional. The class will take you through focused, high-intensity movements followed by restorative stretches, breathwork and meditation. This class will make you sweat, boosting your energy before quickly settling back into a peaceful, recharged, and empowered state. Ripstix® – lightly weighted drumsticks – are provided.


Fit30 is circuit training where we alternate various exercises that target different muscle groups. This allows for short transitions, making this the perfect way to train for just 30 minutes. The health benefits are amazing! Impact options include no, low and high impact, so you can optimize your training, your way.

Allow for several additional minutes to warm up and cool down together. This class is designed for most fitness levels!

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness is training for Life! This class will train the muscles needed for everyday activities at home, work and travel, as well as the muscles needed for all the other programs at ONE. A strong core will enhance your ability to perform most activities — from golf, running and cycling to picking up children, carrying groceries and sitting at a desk for work! Take 30 minutes to improve your posture, reduce your risk of injury and increase your endurance & athletic ability.

STAGES Cycling

STAGES Cycling is the ultimate Indoor cycling class, set to motivating music with certified cycling 1nstructors, on our Stages SC3 bikes. This low-impact class is a cardiovascular challenge that will tone your legs and core. The music will take us on hills and mountain climbs, as well as through speed and power training. Bring water and a small towel if you like. You can cycle in sneakers or cycling shoes with SPD clips.

Functional Fitness & Flexibility

Combines the benefits of Functional Fitness with an opportunity to stretch our major muscle groups, enhancing our agility and balance.

Justin’s Pyramid

36 minutes. 10 moves. Pyramid-style.

You choose between no impact, low impact or high impact options. You choose if you remain standing throughout, or if you alternate between standing and floor options.

By the end, you will have no choice but to sweat through this high intensity, interval class with great results!

ONE Fusion

ONE Fusion has all the elements you need to tone & strengthen, while gaining stamina. This class combines cardio with strength & balance training. You will leave this class feeling more agile, more grounded and empowered for life!

There are no, low and high impact options to accommodate your needs. The resistance training includes body-weight exercises. Additionally, there may be options for using weights and/or resistance bands.

Stretch, Roll & Relax

This class will help to stretch and lengthen tired and tight muscles. Using various tools, such as tennis balls, lacrosse balls, and other foam roller devices, we will release the muscles allowing them to relax and aid in quicker healing from all your hard work! We will end class with a meditation.

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