Raquel Speers

Raquel is a single mom, who wants to be able to keep up with her two amazing boys. She was active in high school, but then life changed with college, adult responsibilities and starting a family. She stopped taking care of herself, focusing her energy on caring for others in her family and through her work as a Community Care Coordinator. She gained weight and became uncomfortable in her own skin. Then she recognized how much stress relief came with exercise and started a journey toward taking care of herself. Raquel became a certified Zumba instructor, which was totally outside her comfort zone. Seeking a new challenge, Raquel found Pound Fitness and fell in love with the program. She became certified to teach Pound in June 2015 and loves the full body workout with modifications to suit anyone! She now loves to teach classes and enjoys to run.

Favorite quote: “Fitness is 100% mental…your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.”
Raquel says, “I love the welcoming atmosphere at ONE Fitness and Wellness and the dedication that all the instructors have toward making sure everyone is comfortable and classes are modified to fit everyone’s needs.”