Seated Classes

Seated Classes designed specifically for those who have difficulty standing up for an entire class, due to vertigo, neuropathy, severe arthritis or other conditions.

Seated Strength is the perfect, fun, effective exercise class for those who prefer to get strong while sitting down. You have the option of using hand-weights of various sizes to get your heart rate up while strengthening and toning your arms, upper back and core. Leg movements while seated will allow you to tone the muscles in the legs while in a safe, supported position in a chair.

Seated Strike features moves inspired from from boxing, Tai Kwon Do, karate and Tai Chi. And you remain seated the entire class! Feel the benefits of punches, kicks and core work while you sit. There is great music to fight along to. You are sure to leave this class with a smile.

Seated Stretch – We all need to take more time to lengthen and strengthen our muscles. This class focuses on flexibility, which is critical for joint protection, balance and fall prevention. You may be surprised to feel some core strengthening — all the way from your shoulders down through your hips! Relax deeper and gain more flexibility during Seated Stretch.