Tomlinson Rauscher

After competing in three sports as a student at Glens Falls High School and graduating from college, I undertook a career as a computer software executive. To complement my professional life, I competed across the U.S. and around the world as a masters athlete. Wanting to continue this avocation and maintain a high level of fitness for a long time, I undertook the study of exercise and nutrition science. What a profound difference they make on quality of life and longevity! Having taught numerous classes in a variety of exercise disciplines, I love working with seniors to optimize their functional fitness. I look forward to being part of the ONE team, providing development opportunities to the community.

Dr. Tomlinson Rauscher is a Certified Personal Trainer who has earned certifications in senior fitness, nutrition, and weight loss. He is also a Certified Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Advisor, and Cross Fit Level 2 Trainer. Rauscher has competed in Masters Track and Field, earning All-American honors in the pole vault, sprints, and hurdles, and winning 5 National Championships in the pole vault.