Megan Houde

If you don’t love what you do, why do it? I’m a musician, bartender, training to be a boxer, and hobbyist mechanic. I love to keep moving. As the lead singer, I travel with my band and have always been one of the boys…but with a woman’s flair! I became a BODYCOMBAT instructor in 2014 and I still can’t believe it really happened! I fell in love with boxing and haven’t looked back yet. My family is my soul; whether it’s blood or chosen, I love hard. I believe that if you love something, it becomes a part of you for a purpose. I love boxing, I love BODYCOMBAT, and I hope to share that joy with you! I wanna have some fun and kick some booty!

My weakness – pizza, cookies, beer and Everybody Loves Raymond – don’t judge!